A Gorgeous Apple Orchard

Today, we made a little trip to the Kingston Peninsula at Long Reach to the Botswick Family Orchard. Any area of the Kingston Peninsula is scenic and Long Reach never disappoints with the views of the Saint John River and Belleisle Bay.

Botswick Family Orchard

Predictably, the girls took to Apple picking in their comfort zones โ€” Abby on the ground reaching high and Rebecca climbing up and trying to reach low.

For NB orchards in your area, check out: Where to go Apple PIcking

School Year Finished, Summer Begins

On the last day of school, we were asked to attend for a presentation being made to Rebecca at middle school. Rebecca received two awards: for excellence in English and leadership in her grade. It was a nice surprise for all of us.

We were lucky to dog sit this past week for a perfect little dog, ‘Simon’. The girls were quite taken with him.

Abby finished grade 5 this week . It was bittersweet for her as she had to leave her favourite teacher – Mrs K. W. She has been in her class for 3 years in a row and was incredibly lucky to have a teacher that was so kind , caring, dedicated and fun at the same time. We are grateful for Mrs KW.

This spring, Abby practiced for her final play, “Jukebox Time Machine” . Abby had a lead role with her friend Kim. It was a treat to see her singing all the eras of music.

Rebecca had her summer semi formal dance — and was excited to dress up and dance with her friends. She practically jumped out of the car when I dropped her off at the school for the dance.

Softball Champs

Our girls never cease to amaze me with their desire for sports and courage to push through adversity. Both Rebecca and Abby did very well and represented Belleisle Middle School proudly last week at the Provincials for softball.

Both girls contributed pitching strike outs, hitting, and infield positions. In a marathon day of 4 ball games , the team prevailed in a very close final game against a Saint John School. I’m so proud of them for their first year of competitive ball.

All Sports, all the time

The ladies are into a lot of sports nowadays. This year was Rebecca’s first year in the Middle School – giving her the chance to try any sport she wants! Abby has been getting the sports fever from it as well and is looking forward to next year.

Abby was lucky to have the chance to the play with the older girls as well. They won their first game — and have a very dedicated coach.

Belleisle Middle School girls softball team

There’s more games to come for the school season.

The Belleisle Bears volleyball team just finished their last game this past week — and won the local school championship game. The relatively same group of girls has played together for soccer, basketball, volleyball and softball. Very fun to watch these girls learn and grow in sports — as a team.

School Fun: Basketball and Music

With middle school comes new sports – this time basketball. We’re very glad to have a place where they can be active so close to home.

Here’s photos from Rebecca’s latest game with the Belleisle Bears.

The girls are finding interests all over in their schools. Abby is practicing for her concert and her solo ! More to come with that brave one, who is singing “What a Glorious Night!”.

The Bay

We live close to a large bay connected to the Saint John River, which is tidal to the Bay of Fundy.

Steam ships used to visit Hatfield’s Point and the wharf back in the day. At present , it’s used as the gathering point for the community, mooring boats and in our case, a jumping platform!

School year ends, Summer begins

The end of the school year brings great weather and with that outdoor activities.

We love our local river in Springfield, with its big maples and nice landscape views. The girls played in the sand on our turn-around spot, while I fished for bass.

During the girls last week of school was their track and field event. Both girls had lots of good practice at the events from their run, jump, throw sessions this spring.

During one of the 400m heats, Rebecca was in last place only to get a bout of determination and pass everyone to come in second. Her face says it all.

Abby always participated as well and is getting more competitive and aggressive with her running. This is the same girl that still gives away cards when playing a competitive game of Settlers of Catan.

With school finished, we’ve been having heat wave after heat wave, which is rare for us this time of year. We tend to beat the heat by heading to our local watering holes of sorts. Below is the girls before the Canada Day celebrations.

Dad took these awesome photos of us during one of the hot spells, while spending the afternoon at Shaw Falls. I’m lucky that girls love waterfalls as much as I do.

Dad and I took to a new thing for us, a game of golf. Dad spent the time giving me pointers on clubs, hitting technique and how best to find your ball. We ended up scoring a little differently and judged ourselves on balls found vs balls lost. We came out ahead! Below, Dad is putting at the golf course in Midland.

It wouldn’t be summer without heading to a cottage by Johnston’s Point. Rebecca and Abby spent their days and evenings in the water of the Northumberland strait.

Only new last year, the ladies have been full into softball and have been making us proud each game in key positions of pitcher or first base. Both are learning each position quickly and surprising us with quick catches and good hits. There’s something relaxing about watching the kids play softball in the evenings amid a country setting.

Rebecca is pitching above, and Abby at bat below. They are in separate leagues this year that thankfully play at the same time.

The funniest part is the after game play by play of the game’s highlights.