RJTW: Saint John

Our ladies have been excited to participate in an indoor track event “Run Jump Throw Wheel” as advertised at school.  For weeks before, they talked about the event held in Saint John, occurring usually every couple of months in the winter.  Ages 8-14 are allowed to enter events such as running, sprinting, long jump, high jump and shot put.  Its such a fun chance to try out events in an organized way.

I love Rebecca’s saying on her shirt.  I only seemed to notice when processing these pictures!

Here’s Abby in the standing long jump and Rebecca in one of her two running events, this one being the 150m.

I was proud of Abby trying the 60 metre.  She was in a large group of older girls.

I took a couple of videos of the events.  More videos didn’t work out as both girls were doing events in different places at the same time.  As well, to add some fun context to the last clip in the video:  Rebecca was one of the last to throw the shot-put.  Her first throw was a bit short and the judge said for her to try and hit the ‘measuring’ guy in the head.  Rebecca pushed it out so hard that she gained an extra metre and made her arm sore after (hence the face!) .  I laughed for a while after that one.

RJTW video

The next event is a regional/provincial one in March.  We’ll definitely be doing some more practice for that event.

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