Christmas in Mabou

A special treat for us this year was traveling to Mabou for Christmas. The best part of coming to Mabou are the family traditions.

On our pre-festivities day, we went for a walk to experience the wind and waves on Inverness beach.

As we quickly found the sea foam was plentiful due to the high waves swamping the beach. We spent our time dodging waves and attempts at searching for seaglass.

With the arrival of Laurena and Nick, we had two screaming kids – jumping up and down akin to old film of anxious fans finally seeing the Beatles arrive a venue. In the midst of it, Abby did let out a contemporary saying, “Uncle Nick is Epic!”

We also had an unplanned and soon to be annual beer exchange from our respective provinces (Picaroons and Big Spruce being the favourites).

Our first festive gathering is on Christmas Eve at my uncles and aunts place, an annual event for the past 40 years and more. For ourselves living away from Mabou, we realized our last time being here was 6 years ago. It was a great time to catch up with family, usually divided into adults upstairs and the wild kids downstairs moderated by the oldest ones.

An unexpected highlight was the clothes twins, my sister Laurena and cousin Mairead.

The Christmas Day was the usual traditions with a bit of music and then a crazy wind storm brought by Les Suetes. Here’s the girls with their uncle .

A hit during present time was Rebecca’s notes with her presents.

For Boxing Day there has been a skate and hockey game with our family cousins and outlaws for several years now. As the years go by, the kids are having more to play. They even had a crazy coach for a while.

The adults took turns in net.

Its was another great year for the Beaton Hockey League.

On our downtime, despite that there wasn’t much snow this year so far in Cape Breton, that fact didn’t stop us from sledding.

In a summary of the trip, Sheena made a quick video of some of our fun: See the video.

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