Creative in the Family

IMG_1911For those that may not know, Sheena has been back to university this year and is in her first year working toward her social work degree.

On the surface, her courses have been interesting to see from an outsider’s perspective and how one does university education over distance on the internet, which challenges our past experiences of on-campus, test and exam-taking experiences of ‘learning’.

One neat effect I also hadn’t considered is that having someone in the house continuing their education does open our minds again to critical thinking and refreshes our understanding of current trends and research. I find it is positive for everyone in the house.

Her current course is about understanding oppression in our society. As part of the course, she chose to make a creative project as her final assignment. This is just another example of changes in assessment over the changing means of education. In these newer ways of assessment, Sheena could have written a 12 page paper; written a journal with a 5 page paper; or develop a project tied into a 5 page essay for her final assignment.

Using her musical and writing talents, she wrote, preformed, produced a song about her topic. Making her creative work even more moving was involving both Rebecca and Abby in her recording. I had to include it for all of you to listen.

Here it is:

Will you still love me when I’m different?”

After listening to the music – without any expertise in the topic – I couldn’t help but being impressed. It would be hard not to also mention that proud tear was shed in hearing the kids voices recorded in her ‘technical university work’. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Creative in the Family

  1. Wow!!!! That was just fantastic and very moving to watch and listen to. We detected some of this talent at the campfire in our backyard this past summer. Very proud of your accomplishments.


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