Summer Baseball

Rebecca and Abby tried out our local softball this year with much fanfare.  They received gloves from their aunt and uncle and were eager to learn and try out practices and games this summer.

The league set up their age group with three teams and both girls were on separate teams.  As the summer went on, they had the chances to play against each other.  What made it even more fun was that often Abby or Rebecca would be pitching when the other was at bat.  A quiet but fun rivalry ensued between them, both maintaining serious faces while meeting on the field.  Abby showed her determination by pitching frequently and constistently putting the ball in the right spot.  IMG_1285


So, the season went on for two months and eventually were left with the final week of baseball games and an all day tournament.  Abby’s team was a bit short handed and ended the day early.  Rebecca’s team played on and had an incredible last game.  Rebecca was pitching and teammate Logan on first base were on fire getting outs each inning.  Rebecca was cheering on her team and the other team at the same time, just having fun.

To our great surprise, at the awards after the game both girls received recognition. Abby received most improved player and Rebecca received most deserving player.  The coach talked about how Rebecca was such a positive person for all.  We were proud of both girls!


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