Canoeing the Nashwaak River

In our preparation for the ‘kids trip’, an overnighter on the St. Croix River, Rheal and I took our kids down the Nashwaak River for a half day paddle.  

The Nashwaak runs southward from Stanley to Fredericton.  The section we did was between Nashwaak bridge and Taymouth , making about 3.5 hrs paddle with a lunch and swim.  It’s a one way trip, so we needed to shuttle our boats between the ‘put in’ at the Nashwaak bridge and the ‘take out’ at the church in Taymouth by the Tay river junction.  The Nashwaak Bridge put-in is on the west side of the bridge, south of the road.  

It was our girls first faster water paddle and they took it with gusto.  Our pivotal moment was when Rebecca saw Rheal standing up in the canoe and wanted to do the same down river, trying to stand on every flat section.  She loves paddle boarding , so it was a natural transition.  Abby was our rock spotter, pointing them out most of the time! 

There was a few mandatory races, all lost by the MacDonalds.  We will need to practice our heaves.  At lunchtime, there was a hot meal courtesy of Rheal.

The girls took the rapids in stride, and were whooping at each little drop. Wait till the St. Croix we said!

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