Fundy Nat’l Park: Coastal Trail

A 20.4km trail on the southern coast of Fundy National Park, the Coastal Trail is full of nice views, interesting rock formations and geography.  The trail follows just above the steep cliffs that line the Bay of Fundy and is divided into two sections.  The first section is 3.2 kilometres, leading from the National Park pool parking lot area to Herring Cove, a small beach inset on the shore. The second section leads from Herring Cove to Point Wolfe and covers 6.9 kilometres.  Both sections have steep ascents and descents and care should be taken close to the edges as the rocks and earth may be eroded underneath!  Exceptional views can be found at look offs along the trail.  One unique area of the trail is ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, where the trail crosses ridges with deep sinkholes all around.  If doing the whole trail, be prepared for a long and challenging day.

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