March Break in NB

We decided to stick around our own wintry New Brunswick for March Break this year.  We had an eventful week with a hike, two days of skating and a trip to Fredericton to a ‘science museum’.   Our hike was to the Parlee Brook Amphitheatre Ice Falls near Poley Mountain.  The girls enjoyed the 4 hour return hike in beautiful weather and incredible ice scenery.  It was my third of 40 this year.

Our skating adventures were on two radically different temperature days.  One was just above zero, the other about -12.  Needless to say, the ice conditions were amazing at our neighbourhood ‘pond’.  The ice was as clear as the water in the summer time.  Abby loved sliding down the banks onto the ice.

During our ‘rain day’, we drove to Fredericton for a 3 hour visit at Science East.  The girls spent the time exploring different experiments demonstrating all sorts of science facts and themes.  Their favorite was a wall painted with phosphor, which held the illumination of a flashed light for a short period of time.  Rebecca was also picked for a ‘hoverboard’ demo as part of learning about gyroscopes.


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