First Horseback Riding: A Story From Abby

Abby recently started learning a new skill: Horse back riding!  She has been asking us for (literally years) and finally the time is right for her.   She had her first lesson a couple of weeks ago and wrote this story about her experience.  It reminded me of how she came back from the riding and retold the 1 hour event to me not missing a step of everything she learned.  She was so cute!  Here’s her story and photos:

First l had to brush the horse.  His name is Justice.  I don’t know what the brushes were but l know what they do.  One scrapes the dirt out of the horse’s hair, one brushes the dirt out and one scrapes the rocks and the dirt off the hoof and the other side has a brush to swipe it off.  Then I had to learn how to get on the horse and off the horse.  First you have to get your foot in the left stirrup. Then swing your right leg over the horse’s bum.  You have to make sure that you keep the reins even and tight.  Then l learned how to steer the horse.  Make sure you put your hands in front of the saddle.  If you want to go left, keep your right hand in front of the saddle and pull your left hand out from your hip.  If you want to go right do the same thing but pull right.  That’s all I learned.🐎

Abby’s horse back riding 🐎

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