Moving into December already!

IMG_0083Seems like time is moving along really quickly this year.  We’ve already reached and passed first report cards for Grade 4 and Grade 3.  Both girls did really well and had great reports from their teachers during Parent/Teacher meetings.   

 I asked if Rebecca could take a picture with her 3D printer in her class — as its been the source of much dinner table discussion at home. The 3D printer is in the background at right.  The green cup creation is a product made by the class.

IMG_0083 We seem to hold true to our traditions each year at Christmas time, which means we’ll have Hallmark Christmas movies playing around the third week of November, attend the Santa/Christmas parade in Moncton, our own house decorated for the Christmas Tree Party we host every year and our own Christmas Tree ready to go the week after.

Sheena’s mom always enjoys when the kids come to their house and decorate their tree.  Here’s Abby with a few smiles and getting into the spirit.

We’ll usually time our trip to Moncton for the Christmas Parade.IMG_0083  You can’t beat their floats, marching bands, animals and the crowds for the event.  It was one of the nicer ones we’ve been to this year and with fireworks no less!

I snapped a quick photo of the kids waving to the man in the red and white suit at the end of the parade!  Both were quite excited to see him after an hour watching the others go by.

We were introduced to winter this year in one swoop of snow overnight.  We lost power IMG_0083overnight during this storm and had about a foot of snow to play in, ripe for making snowmen and forts.  It seems to have stuck around as well for the Christmas Tree party, which we had this weekend.  Everywhere else in the area has brown grass still!

With Christmas also comes Rebecca’s first piano recital for the year.  This year, she played ‘We Three Kings’ and did very well playing in front of the crowd. IMG_0083

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