October Photos


The girls ran for their livesIMG_0024 on a 5k zombie Run in Fredericton called ‘The Running Dead”.  They had a task of outrunning well dressed foes trying to grab their ribbons from their waist bands. Rebecca quickly made friends and took off running with them, leaving Abby and Sheena to face the zombies on their own.


It was Abby’s 8th Birthday in October.  She is growing up quick before our eyes.  She has a smart new addition to herself with her new glasses.

IMG_0024 IMG_0024








IMG_0024There were a few warm days in October, as it has been all fall so far in the maritimes.  In October, the kids and Sheena headed up to Karen’s cottage for the Thanksgiving weekend.  They spent their day on the beach and even wading through the water.  Rebecca (pretended) to try some sushi! Abby and Karen enjoy a view on the rocky shore of Johnston’s Point.  Yes, it was this warm in October!  Our western Canadian friends need to experience our fall season. 🙂


Rebecca always seems to find a stick and something to hang from it whenever they are out for walks. This time, they are headed for piles and piles of leaves!


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