Catching up on Summer

IMG_1794We're sharing more photos from the girls wonderful summer.  Here's Rebecca at the Irving Nature Park in Saint John, wandering through the kid's maze.  Below is the girls on Saint's Rest Beach in Saint John,  looking for treasures among the rocks.  

IMG_1794Abby found a piece of seaweed which became a beard.  Not sure who she learned that from (Dad or Grampa!).


Sheena took the below photo on a drive home from one of their adventures this past week.  Its of the sun going down over Belleisle Bay, about 10 minutes from our house.  

IMG_1794No summer photo collage could be complete without a photo of the girls swimming at the 'Cuts', a local swimming hole about 4 minutes from our house, on our road no less!

Abby and Rebecca love all the treasures at Grampa's store, including the baby chicks that come in throughout the year. 


During their three week stay in Cape Breton, the girls ran in the Inverness Days Race.  Rebecca ran in two races that day, the kids run and the 5k!

This year's beach was West Mabou Beach.  The girls and Sheena loved spending their time there and going for ice cream at the Ceilidlh Cottages Campground.  

IMG_1561On one of our cousin's days at the beach, a few were covered into the same sand pile by anyone who would join in.  

IMG_1561Rebecca and Abby posed for a few photos for Sheena's collage, including here with the lobster traps in Inverness.


Here's Abby playing with one of the buddy's they made at the beach in Mabou.  This one is a step-daughter of a cousin's cousin.  :)


The Mabou Harbour lighthouse is very picturesque. 


After the kids returned home from Cape Breton, I took them to see a couple waterfalls in the Nackawic and Mactaquac area. The girls had a ball swimming and goofing around.  


The trail to Coac Falls was a nice walk through the forest.  It was getting fairly hot on our walk.


Coac Falls were neat, with the gradual steps down to the pool.  The water was incredibly cold, shockingly actually.  That didn't stop Abby or Rebecca though.  
IMG_1561Here they are testing out the current.  

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