Summer Photos



Thought I would share some photos from the past couple of weeks of summer.  The above photo, the girls were excited to get dressed up for a dinner with friends at their summer camp.  The background is our lilacs which were in full bloom this year.  

In the below photo, fun in the sun all day resulted in  the girls jumping for joy. 🙂  This one is taken in Wickham, a beautiful village off the Washademoak (Wash-de-mo-eek) Lake.


We had our Canada Parade in Springfield/Hatfield Point.  The girls were sporting their Canada Day outfits.  The owl is Abby's new 'beanyboo' buddy.  


One evening after a rain, Sheena and Willow discovered some visitors to the tree fort.  Three of them were taking shelter in the kids 'country kitchen'.  This one hissed at Willow who promptly ran away scared.  


I had to post these grassy poses.  The girls look so great and so old!!  


Yep, that's Abby melting hearts with her cuteness. 🙂

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