Summer’s coming: Recital, Flowers and Kayaking

Its nearing summer and the end of school for this year.  Time has flown by so far, we all can't believe the hot weather is already here.  With the end of the semester, the piano lessons come to a close with Rebecca's recital.  This year, she played 'Sweet Forget Me Not'.   It's an Irish song, which we first heard from Newfoundland's Great Big Sea before the girls were born.  Now its a special song for us as Abby and Rebecca have requested it sung for a bedtime lullaby for several years now.  Rebecca did very well with her recital in front of everyone.  


With summer also comes blooming flowers here on our hill.  While clearing the trails and paths around our house and land, I found a neat spot with a patch of Lady's Slipper orchids growing in a small clearing.  I took the girls to see them and spoke about how rare they are to find in the woods, let alone in a grouping.  


While we have had rain what seems a couple of weeks, yesterday, we finally had some warm sunny weather.  We took the girls out to the Kennebecasis River in Hampton.  Launching at the Rivercentre is a great spot to put in, but also a fun swimming spot for the girls afterward.  We headed down Beamer's Creek which connects with the Kennebecasis just west of the launching spot.  There are always many types of birds to see.  We started with a view of an eagle's nest, going well with the feather Abby found before we launched.  


Beamer's Creek is a nice relaxing paddle.  Sheltered from the wind, the creek flows through marshland and tall elderly Maple trees which stretch over the creek throughout.  We usually turn around near the large marsh behind Darlings Island, but it can be turned into a loop if you continue along the creek back toward the Kennebecasis.    



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