Halifax Trip: Bluenose Run, Friendly Meetings and a Birthday!



Happy 9th Birthday to Rebecca!  She was excited for this weekend for some time as she knew that she would get to visit with her cousins and run in the Bluenose Run along with her sister — in Halifax!  Rebecca requested a homemade 'chicken fried rice' supper and was happy to have a 'somewhat' surprise cake with her cousins.  She was grateful for the gifts received over the past few days as well and wanted to send a thank you to all!   Our first evening was spent enjoying company and catching up with family.  

The following day, we started off to downtown Halifax to get ready for the kid's well-anticipated Bluenose Run.  Originally, they had learned about it from a beach friend they met last year, who said she runs in it each year.  Both girls had it in the minds they would do the same in the following year and had trained throughout the spring with Sheena.  They've been attending 'kid fitness' at the local gym and practicing runs, even pushing strollers around for their laps inside during the cold weather —  so, just getting there was a big thing for them.  Here's the crew of them lined up to take in some of the pre-event activities.  (Rebecca, Ocean, Summer, Abby)


A large part of the experience of the Bluenose Run is enjoying it with thousands of others who also attended the race.  For the kids races, they have it set up as a closed course — so the kids run with other kids sans parents (in some cases) and have a big finish at the Metro Centre.  There they meet back with parents among a large crowd of other kids also meeting their parents.  Needless to say, the organizers recommend finding your meeting spot in the Metro Centre prior to the race and going over the race plan with your kids at the same time.  We were told that this year a record number of people attended the kids races, with 4000+ running at the same time.  We laughed, because 4000+ could easily be 6000+ with parents in the mix.  Here's an example of the starting area prior to the kids run.  

Toward Brunswick St Toward the start line

Abby started first and ran around the Halifax Citadel for her 2K run.  Sheena met her at the finish line and had to try and get Abby's attention several times as she was running with such a determined and business like expression!  Abby was proud of her accomplishment and her coveted blue nose.


Rebecca ran her 4K run around the Citadel and the Halifax Commons route. I tried to see her at the finish line, but there were so many people finishing that I obviously missed her at the line, seeing that she turned up at the meeting spot and Sheena found her first!  She was also very happy about completing the race.  It was one of their first races alone in such a large crowd.  

After a celebratory dinner and a well needed rest at home, I enjoyed a 'quiet' evening with Kris and Jean-Paul for a couple of board games.  

The following day, we had plans to meet with friends for most of the day.  One of the visits was with Matthew,  Melissa and meet their 7 month old Millie.  We met them at the new Halifax Central library and had our introductions before heading off for a walk to get lunch and a stroll through the Public Gardens.  The girls really took to Millie and Millie was a delight to see laugh and smile at the attention.  


Here's Rebecca following Matt down Spring Garden Road.


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