Coastal Trail: Fundy NP

It seems that it was only a few days after the last snow had left our yard and the weather improved above 5 degrees, we headed out to Fundy National Park for our first hike of the year.  In passing through the park, we were amazed at how the weather at 366m of elevation still keeps the snow in the woods.  This was surprising to us as we have no snow, despite that our house sits around at 300m of elevation.  (The snow melting factor must because we are an hour inland with apparently more heat!) Arriving at our first choice, we found the Laverty Road still gated and lots of snow on the road.  So, we continued on to our second destination, the Coastal Trail.  At the trailhead, we found the weather was cloudy, but eventually turned into a really nice day for hiking with cooler temps around 9C and sunny breaks.  We ran into a few others also out enjoying the spring-like weather.  


Along the way, the girls took their time looking at the surviving plant growth and mosses that lined the rocks and trail.  Rebecca walked with a notebook in hand, making notes of what she saw.  I peaked over her shoulder at one point to see sketches of the different types of moss she picked up.  Meanwhile, Abby had Willow well in hand and held the 110lb dog's leash for most of the trip, guiding her through the proper spots and moving her along when she lingered a bit too long on the various scats we encountered along the way.  Abby correctly picked out coyote leftovers while passing by.  Despite the relatively uphill incline, the girls did really well. 



We started at the eastern end of the trail by the stone bridge, and in this direction, the trail gradually gets closer to rocky ledges, steep drop offs on the side of the trail and lots of sink holes.  We decided to break for lunch and turn around near a great view of the Bay of Fundy and cliffs of the Alma area.  

On our return, we checked out under the stone bridge (no trolls) and gave Willow a little swim and drink before moving on.  The crystal clear water from Dickson Falls was enticing for maybe a warmer day. 


Our post hike snack was enjoyed down at the water on the benches near the Bay.  We were all surprised to see the gravel and rocks strewn over the parking lot, likely from the storm surge of previous days.  The high tide was some of the highest of the year due to the recent storm.  Normally there are several feet of clearance between the water and the upper rocks.  Despite the wind, we had our obligatory visit to the new and improved playground park at Fundy, as requested by the kids.  My fun followed by their fun!


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