Beating the Heat with Waterfall Fun

The past few days we've been escaping the heat at two waterfalls in the area, Henderson Falls and Wallace Falls.  Both are quite different from each other, but have their own types of fun.  The first day of three, we headed to Wallace Falls and enjoyed the warm water.



Yesterday, we went with our cousin visitors to Henderson Falls.  All the kids enjoyed climbing on the two sets of falls.


Here's Abby imitating a porpoise! 


The group at Henderson Falls!  


Rebecca was climbing a bit around the lower falls.


Today, we ended up back at Wallace Falls.  The group was enjoying the water underneath the lower falls.


The group at the upper falls.  Very relaxing apparently!


The both times we were there, there were quite a few 'young' adults jumping off the falls.  Some were jumping off from the cliffs off to the right of this photo (Crazy!).  Wanting for my 'young adult' days, I had to try it out myself from the centre of the falls.


Rebecca made the leap, literally!  In this photo, first she tried jumping from a lower ledge. 


Following that, she jumped from the same ledge as I did earlier.  We were amazed at her courage!


We just caught her in the photo before she hit the water.  There was a quite a bunch of people watching her on the ledge.  She was hesitant from the higher ledge for a while and said a few times, I don't know Dad.  Then all of sudden she jumped! We all laughed as we couldn't believe she jumped from the same spot as all the adults had.  


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