Rebecca’s Science Birthday


Last Saturday, Rebecca celebrated her 8th birthday with a small group of friends from school.   Despite the SNOW (seen above), it turned out to be a really fun day for all.  This year, Rebecca asked for a 'science' party and she said she would invite all her friends that liked science from her school.  Sheena and her had prepared for the party by picking up some tools for science experiments to be done with the kids.  It actually turned out perfect on a snowy and cool mid-May day. (Might I add that later this week, we had two days with temperatures well into the high 20s).


Here are the kids testing out the viscosity of certain liquids and the float-ability of objects in the various liquids!  The glass below looks colourful and you can see how the pasta and grape are floating on the syrup, but sank through the oil and water.


At special request, two pizzas were promptly ordered from Chez MacDonaldo.  Everyone here seems to be eating intently.  It was neat to see all of Rebecca's friends in one place.  What was neat was that all played so well together and had really similar traits.  


Since her birthday, the weather improved nicely.  The earlier cold weather had not stopped our tulips from blooming.  


Here's Rebecca offering up one of her famous mud soups.  She may have been asking if we want some 'Meesi' soup.  (She hasn't mastered the pronounciation of 'Miso' soup yet).  We had some miso soup at a Japanese restaurant a few weeks ago and she's been asking for green tea and miso soup fairly frequently now.


Here's Abby sporting her beautiful dress and concentrating on showing a few home picked flowers in her hand.  She loves picking flowers around the house and usually fills a glass on the counter with freshly picked yard and garden flowers of all types.  What you can't see is her rubber boots! A true country girl.  Her latest thing is playing catch with Dad.  She has a great throwing arm and catches well too.


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