Saint John Kids Fun Run — at the airport!


A month and a half ago, Rebecca came home from school and said to us that she wanted to do a race at the airport.   We looked at her strangely at first, but then she went on to describe how her gym teacher had been talking about running and explained of a kids 'fun' run at the Saint John Airport on the runway.  She talked about doing the run since that time and Sheena and her signed up.  Sheena was to do the 5 K.  Both had done some preparatory running leading up to the big day.

So, then came May 2nd, the day of the run.  Unfortunately, Sheena had picked up the flu a couple of days earlier and was stuck at home.  But the other runner and cheering section headed into Saint John for the afternoon run.  When we arrived, Rebecca told the registration staff that it was her first run.  She was shaking in excitement when she received her race pinney, to the point where I thought she was cold!  I asked her, she just repeated, 'Dad, I'm just really excited!'



After a little coaching on where to run, all were off down the runway.  The turn around was at a fire truck near the end of the runway 750 metres away.  


You can see Rebecca there in the purple pants after turning around. 


Rebecca was so happy to finish her first race.  She put her hands up in the air, gave us (cheering section) a thumbs up.


A big smile walking back to the hanger where we were waiting for all of the runners.

DBM_9002Proudly showing off her medal with Abby!

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