Snow and more snow!

That's been the theme in the Maritimes for the last month. We've had about three and a half metres in as many weeks.  Despite the need for constant shoveling it seems, once the weather warmed up, the abundance of snow has made for excellent snow play.  

We spent the morning and afternoon digging out tunnels in the snow piles that have built up over the winter.  


We also dug out their tree fort tunnel which has been buried almost to the four foot wall.


We all contributed to another tunnel in the side yard.  The girls learned persistence pays off when digging a long tunnel (even though Dad had quit after Willow demolished his side!).  In the end, it was reminiscent of a movie we watched recently:

		LUKE (Dave) 
"You want the impossible.'
(focusing, quietly) All right, I'll give it a try. YODA (Sheena) No! Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.



Yesterday, Sheena and I had a date (day) in the Fredericton area.  We first headed to Mactaquac Provincial Park for skating and snowshoeing.  We also found that there are many more activities there (sliding, cross country skiing) , necessitating another visit to explore more of them.


The 'Murch' trail had seen little visitors due to the deep snow, well other than the deer and animals which had highlighted the trail for us.


As always, the way back is easier.  We also found the spot where they have the 'Treego' (summertime zipline fun high up in the trees).


Afterward, we dried off and headed to downtown Fredericton for some more skating before our dinner out.  This time, we found ourselves at Officer's Square on Queen St near the water.  In a neat setup, they have a warming hut/change room and ice all the way up to the door, which was convenient. 


We ended off our evening at a great restaurant, Isaac's Way.  Best described as fancy dressed up pub food in an artsy atmosphere (an old courthouse, even with a vault as private dining room).   Here we are enjoying the night while waiting for our friends to join us for the meal. 


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