Winter sets in, finally!


With our first month of winter past us without much consistent snow, we've been hoping for some winter weather to stay so we could start our winter activities!   In the meantime, we had been taking the kids skating and swimming (indoors) as winter activities. 


There's a couple of rinks in our area.  The rink in Norton is an outdoor rink and great for a quick skate outside as its open most of the day.  Abby has been picking up on skating very quickly.  She's gaining confidence with each time out.


On Sundays, we've been heading to Sussex for the free skate at the Hussars arena.  The girls really appreciate the smooth ice and music to practice speed skating!

Our second last snowstorm had some ice mixed in with it, making the trees glint nicely in the afternoon sun.   As for snow, we're certainly into it now with our first blizzard of the year.  Hopefully we'll get some quality snowshoeing in no time now.


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