Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all.  I thought I'd share some photos from the past few weeks of holidays.  

We made an attempt at a geocache today in the Hatfield Point area.   The girls still enjoyed a day out on a trail though. The highlight was the downhill ice sliding…


Christmas this year was a bit different for everyone due to the onset of a stomach flu!  But, after a couple of days of rest, we went out with our visitors Gramma and Grampa to Saint John for a tour of the market on Dec 27th.  It was a quiet Saturday and we all enjoyed a snack lunch from each of the vendors.

Here's the bunch of us at lunch.  Little known fact, Abby is showing off her loose tooth, which has been hanging on for over a month now.  She's proud of it and we'll probably have to have a wake for it when it finally falls out. 



The Saint John Market was looking as colourful as ever with the Christmas decorations.

Here's Grandpa and Abigail enjoying a sit down on King St.  Yes, its cold, but frozen lemonade is always in season.


Later in the day, we headed over to the Irving Nature Park and found a neat geocache by the marsh. This one had a log as a container!


Saints Rest Beach is always a neat time in any season.  Something as simple as jumping back from the incoming waves entertained the girls for almost a half hour.

On Boxing Day, we took the girls to Lone Pines Park in Cambridge Narrows.  They found a few geocaches in the area and were just happy to be outdoors.


Lone Pines Park has a neat spot where the trees had all been planted in straight lines.


So far this winter, Sheena's pasttime during snowstorms, cold weather and free evenings has been spent making earthy crafts using wood cut from our land.  Earlier in the fall, I had cut a bunch of small trees to clear the visibility at the end of the driveway.  Now, they've been reborn as neat ornaments for the tree. 


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