Getting ready for Christmas





After a very busy fall, we were all happy to start off the Christmas season with our Annual (Charlie Brown) Christmas Tree hunting party.  Despite the freezing cold weather, the boys and girls were excited to go out on the hunt.



Sheena made some tree ornaments out of tree slices (cookies) that she routed and painted.  How talented!  She gave these to the kids that came for the party.


As part of the party, Sheena had a delightful arrangement of decorations for the sugar cookies she had ready for the kids.  They were a big hit.


Earlier this week, we decorated the tree after it was dutifully trimmed and set up.  Rebecca and Abby were excited and lead the decorating event.


Abby is here posing with one of her decorations and looking very cute!


Sheena had some new additions to our decorations with some recent ornaments from her mother, handed down from her grandmother.  The horn decoration was one of six decorations that she received from her mom, dating back to the 1940s .  

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