Water Adventures

We're catching up with a few photos and events from the past couple of months…


Earlier in June, we had a visit from Auntie Wee (Laurena) and Uncle Nick (now called Uncle 'Fish').  On a weekend with great weather, we went fishing on the Kenebecasis River by Bloomfield and the following day from the wharf at Hatfield Point.  Uncle Fish showed a few of his well honed tricks, which both girls took to quite quickly!  Rebecca caught a bunch of different fish, including a weird looking catfish! Rebecca didn't seem to mind holding the fish and wanted to let all the fish back into the river herself.


Later that week, I had an evening paddle on the Kenebecasis River from Norton toward Bloomfield.  The weather was perfect and the bugs weren't quite biting just yet.  I learned a few things about paddling that night, including when to portage to make things easier.  It really is incredible all the beautiful places that are nearby where we live, that we drive past on the highway — not even knowing they're where they are.

Later in the month on a hot Sunday afternoon, Sheena and I went out with the girls to Washamedoak Lake near Codys.  It was the girls first trip in a double kayak and they were excited to seek out new places.  The girls were interested in the water flowing past them — so much so that we had to make a rule, 'fingers only in the water!'  We saw how  easy it is to slow down a kayak with drag from 4 hands.


We headed east on the lake toward the Caanan River and covered bridge.  While turning back around an island, we saw an impressive beaver dam.  We were surprised at how the maple trees continue to grow while still submerged in water most of the year.


Looking both ways with the covered bridge in the background.


On yet another evening paddle, putting in near Salmon Creek Road, I went west on Washamedoak Lake toward Cambridge Narrows.  After a few minutes, I came across a lower field that borders the lake.  The field is somewhat isolated from the rest of the farm and has taller grass near the water.   At the bottom of the field were about 20 pairs of geese nesting in the field and were herding their little ones through the tall grass.  In going past the area on the water, I saw them herding the younglings one direction away from my boat and when returning the same way, they herded them up the field in the opposite direction!  Its pretty hard getting a steady photo on the kayak as well.


The Washamedoak is a beautiful lake to paddle.  It is a long lake, with rocky and hilly shorelines, stretching to the east toward the Caanan River and the west toward the Saint John River.  I've been on a few times already and have only seen one other kayak.


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