Snowforts, Snowbanks and SnowTunnels


Our log fort doubles as a snow fort in the winter time.  We've had a few feet of snow this month.


Abby climbs out of one of the openings in the snow fort.  We piled the snow up to make it a good break from the winter wind.


Here are the girls taking shelter in the snowfort.  Abby usually makes herself a snow ipod and laptop (of all things!).  

They've also dug themselves a few tunnels on one of their two snow days this week.


There's two to three feet of snow in the back, prime spots for leaping into the snow off the deck.



There's lots of snowbanks to be had as well.  These ones are about 12 feet high!

Willow is never without a large snowball to push around with her nose.

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