Snowshoeing, Sledding, Skating!


Last weekend, Rebecca and I snowshoed our way to our favorite sliding hill on Annidale Siding Road.  Rebecca is getting used to snowshoeing and seems to enjoy it — especially when she can take a break in the sled.  Once we arrived at the hill, we managed to make 5 trips down before the -10 weather wind set in.  Its about a 15 minute snowshoe walk from our road, but worth it every year.

Running back up the hill


Rebecca wanted to hold the camera for a trip down the hill.  Here's her video:


The following day, we kept with the clear weather and had some skating time in Norton at the rink.  Both girls were skating on their own for a while, which was great for the parents as we were able to stretch out and skate on our own.  Both girls were practicing their speed skating stances in preparation for the Olympics. 🙂


IMG_1012-001 IMG_1012-001IMG_1006-001 IMG_1012-001IMG_1012-001 IMG_1012-001

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