Making the most of Winter

This year's winter weather has had a lot of -20s for temperature, but not too many days without a heavy windchill.  But, whenever there's a break in the cold spells, we try to get out and do fun winter activities with the girls. 

Today's beautiful weather had us visiting the outdoor rink in Norton.  The ice was really good and we had the rink to ourselves for practicing our skating.  If watching us, you'd see that Rebecca is like a little roadrunner on the ice and soon will learn to glide.  Abby is getting steadier on her feet and improving skating and confidence with each ice time.


Last weekend, although we had a bit of a snowstorm, we headed out for a short hike to a couple of 'geocaches' and waterfall near Snyder Mountain.  The girls recently picked up on Geocaching (something that Kris, Matt and I used to do 10 years ago) and the fun that can be had on the treasure hunt in the woods.  I'm pretty sure that we heard the word 'geocache' in every second sentence for the whole day.  


The hike leads you down a path and a trail leading to the stream at the bottom of the valley.  Rebecca had just finished showing us how to slide down the snow.  (look down and you'll see her).


At the bottom, we found a nice fall and some ice originating from spring on a ledge above us.


The girls then proceeded to find all manner of ice balls to throw into the river.  Here's Abby throwing hers into the river, with Sheena as ball coach.


Rebecca and Sheena share a little laugh during snack time.


Abby found a nice sheltered spot out of the snow.

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