The Christmas Season has begun

With last week's commencement of Sheena's Hallmark Christmas movie-a-night marathon, the Christmas season has officially begun!  Another sign of the season is our visit to Moncton for the annual Christmas parade.  As the kids are getting older, they are appreciating the parade more and more now.  Even this year, with the colder temperatures last Saturday and strong wind, they were Christmas troopers and asked to stay for the whole 100+ float, hour and a half long parade to end in order to see Santa.  Rebecca stood like a sentry near the end, peering to the end of the floats to see Santa.  Abby was just as excited and came back from an earlier departure at word that Santa was coming.  It was a fun parade — and our choice of location near a Tim Horton's allowed us to have liquid warmth at the same time.  Every year, I say I'll bring warmer clothes — next year, I'll bring warm drinks!  Thanks to Nana and Papa for the home base again this year.

IMGP2711 IMGP2711 IMGP2711


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