Wedding Trip to Toronto: Congrats to Matt and Melissa!

IMG_0702  For the November 16th weekend, Sheena and I made a trip to Toronto (Sheena's first) for Matt and Melissa's wedding.  In getting there, we flew Porter airlines for the first time and who instantly had me at the mention of free beer.  Porter flies into Toronto Island airport, and with our arrival a night time, it gave some incredible sights of the downtown from the airplane.


After arriving, we quickly found that we would be able to walk wherever we needed for the weekend.  So on Friday, we soon found ourselves visiting the Eaton IMG_0702IMG_0721IMG_0702Centre and walking to the nearby square, heading down to the CN Tower, Skydome, Ripleys Aquarium, CBC building, and many other places downtown.  We were happy to take in the tall buildings and busy streets by sight alone – which was much different than life rural NB.  On Friday night we met with the wedding group at a restaurant called Le Marche.  It was set up like a market, where you 'shopped' for each course.  For the start of the wedding festivities, it definitely was a ball! 


 Sheena and daveIMG_0721On Saturday, it was a full day of wedding preparation.  Matt came to our hotel and we all got ready together.  Seeing that it was only a 15 minute walk, we walked down to the Royal York, where we took more photos prior to the wedding.  Everyone was looking spiffy!  Following that, we took an electric VW wagon to the Distillery District for the wedding at an art gallery.  The reception followed at an old distillery/alcohol storage building.  The surroundings were very rustic yet artisticly simple, making for a memorable and comfortable night of speeches, laughs and dancing!  (Oh yeah, thanks for the open bar Matt!) Follow this link for more photos of the wedding by the photographer.


IMGP2702IMGP2702Post-festivities on Sunday, Sheena and I went for a long exploratory walk downtown and ran into the Argonauts and Tigercats pregame fun by the Skydome (some videos of the festivities: and ) nearby tailgate parties, a Raptors pregame, the Santa Claus Parade and the Santa claus Marathon. We were amazed that all this could be happening in the same area!  We certainly enjoyed our weekend away — and thanks to Grandma for being the sitter for the weekend.  A special thanks came from Willow, who obviously got special treatment from Grandma.IMGP2703IMGP2702


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