Summer flew by, didn’t it?

 I was reviewing some photos from this summer and realized that it went by so quick, I didn't have a chance to share any photos of the girls from the whole summer! 

So we'll pick it up after our early July trip to Cape Breton for our backpacking trip, Sheena and the girls returned home with their cousins and started off their summer travels to Lunenburg for a week at the Oceanview Chalets.  While there, they visited beaches, islands and museums in the area.


After their week, we met in Truro to have a family weekend back in Cape
Breton for Mairead and Travis' wedding in Mabou.   After the wedding, we
had lots of time to catch up with my cousins and their kids.  Then, on
Rebecca's suggestion, we stayed an extra week to spend time at the local
beaches in Mabou, Port Hood, Inverness and the Marble Mountain area. 







The last two weeks of summer, we took the girls to Kings Landing.  They
had a wonderful time with the variety of animals to see, the horse and
wagon rides around the settlement, having a barn dance and even taking
turns milking a cow!


One of the more memorable moments was when we sat in an old fashioned one room school house.  We sat in class with all ages present and listened to a teacher with all the practices from the 1800s.  The girls also had a chance to try on some period clothes and rug weaving.


There were of course a few trips to Fundy National Park, where the zip line is as popular as ever!


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