Birthday weekend photos

  IMGP2226  IMGP2226We arrived in Moncton on a Saturday and promptly headed to Shediac for some lunch lobsters for the birthday and anniversary

celebrations.  Although this weekend it was Rebecca's 6th, we were also celebrating within a month (s)  for Reg's 65th, Janice's 60th, and the 10th anniversary for Sabrina and Doug and Sheena and I.  Rebecca and Abby's cousins were there for the fun too.

Sheena's giving her a helping hand blowing out the candles.




Rebecca is looking so tall now!




On Sunday, we went to visit Nana's aunt's horse farm in Coverdale.  We saw some beautiful colts and the girls spent about an hour feeding the horses grass from the nearby fields. 











On Monday, we visited G-Nan.  She was happy to draw and play cards with the girls! 


After returning home in the rain, we started on our yearly garden.  Abigail had fun helping out mixing the dirt and making rows for the vegetables.  She was so intent and careful planting the seeds for the beans and peas.


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