Rebecca’s Chess


Ever since Kindergarten started this year, Rebecca has had an interest in chess and joined the chess club at her school.  She plays chess each week on Friday and learns to play at home too. She's been challenging us to play chess in the mornings before work and school and sometimes we leave the games to finish when we get back home.  I've even seen her setting up a game between her and 'Bob' (her stuffed monkey friend). 

A couple of weeks ago, she was selected from her school to go to the District tournament.  We went there today in Quispamsis.  There were Grades K to 12 there to play.  Only players were allowed the auditorium area where the games were being played.  After a little while, we saw on a projected screen in the waiting area that Rebecca had won two games already.  But after a couple of hours, we learned that Rebecca won the School District Chess tournament for the Kindergarten grade!  She now gets the chance to go to the Provinicals in April at Woodstock High School.  Rebecca says that 'Rebecca's Mom and Dad were very happy!'  Which we were!  

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