Outdoor Winter Fun

 As spring is on its way, mother nature has started to bring some warmer weather for us.  With the snow still on the ground, we've had the chance to still have fun outside, but stay warm at the same time.


Rebecca and Abby at the bottom of the hill making the long way back up.




 Both are enjoying a little snack at the top before the snowshoe trek back to the house.


Brent and I made a snowshoe trip to the top of Bald Mountain in Welsford. Its normally a summer type hike, but the weather and snow was perfect for snowshoeing.  It was just about an hour trip to the top, but it gave a spectacular view of the village and the new highway bypass.


Willow was doing her usual by hauling ice and snow around.


Here's Rebecca sliding down a steep pasture during our March Break trip to Cape Breton.


Here's a video of Rebecca on another trip down:

Usually, Abby goes down the hill with me, so its kinda hard doing a video of her sliding down.  Here's a couple of videos with Abby doing the sliding:



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