Photos and video from the Holidays

Those were a couple of videos taken during the last couple of weeks. In our breaks from the frigid cold (-25C) , we've had a few days that we managed to play in the snow.  One day, Sheena's cousins Karen and Kelly came for a day of swimming and sledding. That's Karen pulling the sled in her proudly 20 year old snow suit. 🙂


Many hours of the holidays were spent at this makeshift lego table.  The girls seemed to enjoy spending hours playing with their little city.


Here's Abby enjoying jumping off the tree fort.


Rebecca ventured into the yard and swing set, covered in a metre of snow or more!

Abby loves reading one of the 'Chirp' magazines that come in the mail for the girls.  There's little stories they can partially read using pictures and icons they recognize.  Often, ,Abby will 'read' to herself by telling stories from her books.


Yesterday, Sheena and I went snowshoeing on the Bluffs trail in Sussex Corner.  Its a good little hike along the ridge, meandering between cedar and fir trees along the way.  Near the top, you have a great view of the Poley Mountain Ski hill. 


Willow loves the snow and switches between following at our heels on the high snowy sections and running ahead to scout the terrain.  Willow usually gets a little rambunctious when we stop!


On the way back…


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