Its beginning to look a lot like…


We had been talking about Christmas trees and the upcoming season and the girls decided it was suddenly time to start decorating for Christmas.  We decided to let a little Christmas in the house (on November 17) with some Charlie Brown trees for the girls room.  Abby and Sheena went out during the afternoon and picked a couple of trees — Sheena added a tree slice base, and voila, a kid's tree.  The girls were very proud to decorate their trees right away.


Rebecca is showing off a card from Wonderland Day care from last year.


Here's Abby with her tree, looking very perfect and tall!


Last weekend, we went to Moncton for our annual Moncton Christmas (Santa Claus) parade.  This year, we tried to beat the crowds and went at the beginning of the parade — except we went a little too close to the beginning and wound up where they line up!  The girls were excited enough at being there that we made some quick manoevering around through the crowds to find a good spot just a bit down from the start.  Sheena and I did have to have the kids on our shoulders for the whole hour as they wouldn't be able to see otherwise. They had a ball watching the floats — and promptly fell asleep within two minutes on the drive home.


Here's Rebecca being super excited!


Here's Abby not wanting to take a chance at missing any lights — even for a quick photo! (we couldn't get her to look at the camera).

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