Waterfall Hiking in Boiestown


Last weekend, Kris and I drove to the center of New Brunswick (literally!) to the Boiestown area for a hike to two waterfalls.  The first one we visited was Falls Brook Falls, one of the taller falls in New Brunswick. 


 After the falls, we decided to cross the knee high southwest Miramichi River to follow the opposite shore until Trout Brook, the next brook to the south.  We followed the river edge, wading through the water and grass, eventually reaching Trout Book.  From there, there seemed to be a landing for canoes and a small cosy campsite well covered from the rain.  We continued upstream to Trout Brook Falls, normally quite remote (unless with low waterlevels!).


 Trout Brook Falls was fairly impressive, almost more so due to the different angles of each fall.  I climbed up to the ledge between both of them, only to see a huge pool above the first fall.  I wish it had been warmer that day, as it would have been a great swim.


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