Closing up the Summer


The last two weekends in August, we closed out the summer with trips to the cottage near Johnston's Point.  On both weekends, the girls met up for a girls weekend with their cousins for fun beach time.  The weather was amazing for both times and the water was warm!



When both girls got home, all they could talk about is how they went underwater for the first time and opened their eyes.  Rebecca was especially excited, retelling the story of them swimming like fish at the cottage beach.  (Thanks to Sabrina for the above photos!)

The following weekend, we had a mix and match of weather.  The first day was a very windy one, and yet still spent on the beach with two crazy women spending an hour surfing in 6 foot waves! Unfortunately, there were no photos of the event as I was trying to keep all four kids on the beach rather than being washed away in the surf. 

As you can see below, here is the man cave in the midst of a beautiful sunrise the first morning.


Below, the four girls and Willow go for an early morning dash through the sandbars.  We walked for a couple of hours, reaching half of the length of the beach at low tide. It's really long!


Rebecca silently enjoys a hermit crab coming out from its shell.


Here's the crew at the turn-arond point.  (Yes, that is the only hat I could find at the cottage!)


3 thoughts on “Closing up the Summer

  1. Looked like lots of fun! Cute pics of the girls. Nice that they are spending time in the area that their mothers have enjoyed! Looked like beautiful weather. 🙂


  2. Oh my, these pics are beautiful. The beach is beautiful, the girls look like they are having such a wonderful time, what memories they’ll have. Thanks for sharing!!


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