Deck Building with Helpers

This week, we started building a side deck with a closeline pole.  We've worked on the deck the last couple of days. Yesterday, between rainshowers, Rebecca and Abby wanted to be helping as much as they could.



Rebecca loved drawing the cut lines on the wood.


Abby is never without her Princess crown lately.  She's wearing it with her sun suit, which they were wearing while running around in the warm rain earlier in the day.


All hands were on the deck wood while cutting!


Here's a video of our helpers in action.

We finished off the day with some home grown vegetables!  This was our first crop of yellow and green beans, snow peas and our second and third of cherry tomatoes.


3 thoughts on “Deck Building with Helpers

  1. That video was hillarious! Good job Abby and Rebecca for helping out!
    PS: When do we get to see a picture of the finished product?


  2. I love seeing video, hearing their little voices. Nice team work family. Those are some very lucky little ladies to have such wonderful parents, that expose them to all kinds of learning and adventure.
    I miss you guys.


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