Rebecca is off to Kindergarden

Last Saturday, Wonderland Day Care had their pre-school graduation.  All the parents went to see their little ones move on to Kindergarden.  Rebecca was so happy to be part of it, smiles all around when they entered as a group.



They had a little dance at the beginning of the event to show off some of their stuff!


Each preschooler had their time in the spotlight when all their classmates had to guess hints of their friends.  Rebecca spent time guessing her friends.  When it was her turn, they described her as a constant artist, producing artwork and crafts throughout the day (yes, our fridge is covered!), and also a girl who knows all the words to songs — and even corrects the teachers if they sing the wrong verse! 


Sheena was also recognized for her work at the daycare and introduced as the new afterschool program coordinator!  Everyone got flowers.


Here's Rebecca and a proud family!


 (Thanks to Janice for her great photos)

2 thoughts on “Rebecca is off to Kindergarden

  1. Ok, its sad, but I got a little teary eyed!! And Rebecca has many more school years to go! That’s so cool they honoured Sheena. After all her awesome work, it was well deserved! Congrats Rebecca!


  2. Ahhh what beautiful pics. I only wish we lived closer and were able to witness in person all those great moments!! Thanks so much for bringing the special moments to us on this site. Congratulations Rebecca we are very proud of you for doing so well this year!!! What a beautiful family photo too.


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