Easter Sugar Woods


Last weekend, we spent one day of the Easter Weekend in Moncton visiting with Nanna and Pappa.  When we arrived, we spent the morning at the Sugar Woods in Stilesville.  We walked a path through the maple trees, checking out the newer and older ways of collecting maple sap.  Some operations had lots of intertwined rubber tubes between trees leading to the camp.  My favorite (and probably more labourous method) was the old fashioned taps and buckets. Rebecca and Abby loved running between the buckets checking out the amount of sap in each hanging bucket. 


We arrived at the sugar shack and learned a bit about how they make syrup, butter and candy.  They then showed us how they make maple candy — after boiling the syrup for a couple of hours, and spreading it on ice and snow.  The girls loved eating the sweet treat!  It also brought back memories for all of us.


Rebecca and Abby enjoy the rolled sticks of maple candy.


Here's Abigail's attempt at eating the candy.  Lots of stretchy goodness.


Rebecca running between the buckets on the way back to the car.


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