Outdoor time with the kids

The warmer weather has the girls playing outside more now. 


We dug out the old marbles for a game on the driveway.  That's one good thing about having a dirt driveway!

Rebecca and Abby try their attempts at sinking their marble. 


Here's Abigail with her best friend, Willow.  There is a bit of evidence on Abby's face of her marshmallow eating.


Sheena brought out some salmon filets for us to try on the campfire.  They worked out great and cooked very quickly.  Much quicker than ribs, with a carmalized flavour to them.  Of course, we thought the kids would just eat the weiners, but they devoured the salmon as well.  Willow's treat is in the tinfoil.


Here's Rebecca concentrating on cooking her dessert.



The girls were proud of their Sunday jumpers.  I think YMCA was playing on the radio at the time.   Oh wait, Sheena says its a ballerina pose.  *sigh*


Rebecca has been wanting to fly a kite lately.  She's a natural at it — with lots of wind of course.


After supper tonight, we went outside to take advantage of the wind.

2 thoughts on “Outdoor time with the kids

  1. Looks like lots of fun! I love the picture of Willow and Abby. Very cute. I can’t wait to have a salmon/ribs/chicken cook-out on the fire!! Looks delish. 🙂


  2. Great wind with the kites. We can’t seem to get them to fly like that in Alberta. The cook-out did look devine. The girls look like twins!


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