Sliding morning

This morning, we headed out to our favorite sliding hill on Anidale Siding Road.  We usually walk the few hundred metres to the road, then snowshoe down the unplowed (dirt) road to an area at the crest of a hill.  This area is perfect for sledding as the snowmobile users have packed the snow down really well from their weekly use of the trail.



Sheena and Rebecca make the trek up the hill.


Rebecca and Daddy take the fast way down…


Coming back up after going out of sight!



Click the link for a video of our fun…fast fast fast sliding!

2 thoughts on “Sliding morning

  1. Wow I can’t believe how big and cute Rebecca is. I haven’t heard that little voice in a LONG time.
    Looks like a hoot!
    I LOVE the videos please keep them coming. Makes me feel more connected.
    Missing you all.


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