Photos by request!


 At special request, we are posting a few pictures of Abby's new haircut.  Now, she has finally put away her toque for a while! Abby was a little angel getting her haircut.  She sat quietly while two hairdressers worked the tangles out of her hair before her haircut.  Every now and then, she'd look over at Sheena.  There were even a few smiles near the end.  In the photo, Abby is playing with the homemade playdough that Sheena and the girls made earlier in the week.

We've also put up some pictures of Sheena's hard work in the basement.  We have most of the basement framed in and need to do some electrical work later in the spring.  The plan is to have another bedroom, a storage room, furnace room, a 1/2 bath and a long den and play area.

  • IMGP0831
  • IMGP0832
  • IMGP0833
  • IMGP0835



3 thoughts on “Photos by request!

  1. very cute haircut Abby!!! Its funny that she stays so quiet while they do her hair. Maybe she thought it was Grampie Mac brushing her hair?
    I can’t believe all the work Sheena has done! Wow, can’t wait to see it. 🙂


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