Theme Nights and Backyard Skating

A few weeks ago, we decided to start having themed food nights.  The girls really took to them and look forward to suppers and desserts on certain days.  So far, we have 'Pizza Fridays': where the girls make their own pizzas (Naan bread and their own toppings).


And…'Sundae Saturdays'.  The kids do the same with ice cream and the assorted toppings, but usually get carried away with the sprinkles.  (Ha!)


 Yesterday, we moved some snow from the swail in the back yard and found a perfect little backyard skating rink underneath the thin layer of snow. 


Rebecca is quickly getting more confident on the ice, although loves getting dragged around by Mom.



We also had a campfire yesterday, to warm up between the skating and the playfort(ing?)  I caught Abby sneaking a few more marshmallows! (Zoom in to see the hand in the bag)


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