Revving up for Christmas

The third week of November is as far as we could get without 'Dad, is it time to decorate the house yet?" "Mom, can we put the lights up?" "Dad, Dad, Dad, when are we going to put the tree up?"  So, naturally, on the evening of the second snowstorm of the year (and a whallop it was), we set on decorating the house for Christmas.  Sheena cut a tree from the front yard (!), which is actually woods, but still!  And it was all decorated by nights end on November 23rd.  The lights outside took another week, but were up soon enough as Rebecca and Abby needed our house to be like the others that they see regularly on the evening drives home from 'school' (daycare). 






 We made our usual visit to the Moncton Christmas parade.  This year was clearly Abby's year at the parade.  While we sat watching the parade this year, she was jumping out of Sheena's lap for each float.  There weren't many good pictures that night, but this one kind of exemplifies how she was.


The next day, we went to Saint John for a kids Christmas party for work.  There was all sorts of activities for them, including tons of fun food, balloon making…


… paint on tattoos (Rebecca had a rabbit)…



…Abby had her favorite penguin…


There was even face painting.  The lady doing the work had amazing talent and made Abby look like a cheetah.


Rebecca wanted to be a bat (she usually draws bats all over her drawing papers).  The cheetah and bats are courtesy of their favorite show, 'Wild Kratts'.


And of course, Santa arrived at the party.  Rebecca ended up sitting front and centre at Santa's feet.  She didn't take her eyes off Santa the whole time he was there.


Rebecca's name was called and she didn't sit on his lap, but stood in awe at his feet.  Abby was a bit shy, so there was no photo as I was nudging her up to him.


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