Whole lot of photos goin on…

We're catching up on our photos again for this month.

Rebecca and Abigail had some Hallowe'en prep fun at school one day, then the next day came home with their butterfly witch outfits.  Rebecca wa really happy to have a skull wand (!).  The following three days were spent wearing these outfits.


Rebecca is now a tree climber, can you spot her in the tree?  This is one of her favorite maples in our backwoods, their 'secret woods'.  She likes climbing, but doesn't want to go too high (yet).


This past week saw us traveling to Kingston Peninsula to visit Nail Factory Falls.  While trying to find the falls, we found two big stone wheels in the woods near the river. 


Rebecca finds a leaf to throw in soon enough…


Last weekend, Sheena and I took a camping trip to Fundy National Park.  There's one campground open (headquarters) during this time of year.  Our campsite had a neat view of Alma and the wharf.  In the brisk morning, Sheena enjoyed a cup of oatmeal…


…while I enjoyed a pan of fried eggs and oatmeal.  What an excellent combination!


We spent two days hiking the wilderness of the Fundy highlands.  Most of the leaves had already fallen, but some were still hanging on.  This is a photo of the trail descending to Black Hole and the Little Salmon River.


On the same trail on the way back, there were sections of only hardwood trees.  It made for a mesmorizing view of the forest.


After our hikes, we took walks through the nearby village of Alma.  Here we see the boats in Alma's harbour resting on the bottom during low tide.  Alma is a dry dock, as the Bay of Fundy tides leave the wharf area completely during low water.  I was trying to figure out how the little wooden stilts go so perfectly into place.


On Thursday, I took Willow back to the Mary Pitcher Falls area, near Hammondvale.  Kris and I visited in August during an epic 32 kilometre trip of hiking and biking in the hot sun.  We had spent some time trying to find the falls and missed out on the bigger one that was in the same area.  This time, I wanted to get to the final and biggest waterfall and had a bit of different weather with frost and chilly temperatures.  These upper falls are the second largest on the Mary Pitcher stream. 


Getting to the largest of the Mary Pitcher falls (below) was fairly straightforward, except for the very end.  There was a sheer cliff at the end of the trail — and in order to see the falls as pictured below, you have to go around the cliff, descend an old rockslide and wade a cold (and somewhat too fast) flowing Big Salmon River.  Needless to say, there was a bit of work involved to get this photo!


After soaking myself to get the photo, the below is a distanced shot of skivvy biking the return trip of 13 kilometres to my car.  Willow didn't seem to mind, but it was a bit awkward once I got closer to the well-travelled deer hunting grounds.  (And yes, that is a hunting vest on — preventative as I was wearing a brown fleece!).





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