Two Weekends


 Two weekends ago, Sheena was away for the weekend and I decided to take the kids back to Fundy Park for a little hike.   It rained for most of the day, but we all had fun hiking through the woods to Laverty Falls. Rebecca and Abby picked leaves along the way and jumped over roots and rock to get there.  The girls did really well, hiking on their own for most of the 5 kilometre return trip.


Last weekend, while we were in Halifax for Kris and Michelle's Wedding and on the same morning that they did their usual 5am wakeup, I took the girls on a 'secret hike'.  We packed in the car and drove to Crystal Crescent Beach (one of my favorite beaches in the Halifax area) to see the sunrise.  Our timing was perfect as we arrived just as the sun was breaking the horizon. It was Abby and Rebecca's first sunrise! It was so also warm (16C) at that time of the morning, that we played on the beach and ran through the breaking surf.  What a treat it was for an adventure at the start of the day.




One thought on “Two Weekends

  1. What beautiful pics and memories for the girls. They are so lucky to have such a great Daddy, reminds me of another special Dad who had a son and daughter and loved to do just what you do with your girls.


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