Enjoying the last bits of summer

Here's some photos updating everyone on some more recent things going on with us.  We've been trying to get out and enjoy the nice weather before winter comes! 

Kris came up a couple of weekends ago (a day before we had our 3 day big power outage, thank you TS Irene!).  Kris and I had a classic bike and hike trip — traveling 32 kilometres round trip to the Big Salmon River area of the Fundy highlands.  Willow came with us as well and was the star or the show, running along beside us while we bicycled the hot dirt roads and bushwacked our way down river toward Mary Pitcher Falls.  The picture below is Upper Mary Pitcher falls, one of 13 along the same stream.  A larger set of falls lies below these pictured ones — but we saved those for another time due to the length of time it took to get to the upper ones.  More details of the falls are on our waterfalls site.



Rebecca and Abigail have been growing fast.  Rebecca is now fairly comfortable on a bike with training wheels.  For a couple of days last week, we took Rebecca on little bike rides down our road.  The road is quiet enough that she can ride, but still learn about traffic and such. We expect Abigail will be riding outside soon.  We've brought her flyer tricycle inside and daily she's seen ripping around the house with her fireman hat and/or dress on.  It's good to see she's well rounded!



This past weekend was the ever popular Balloon Fiesta in Sussex.  We made a couple of trips to see the hot air balloons and fair this year — but due to fog and wind (thanks TS Katia), the balloons weren't able to take off while we were there.  They did some 'cold inflation' for the crowds though, which was nice.  The different designs were neat to see.


Abigail looks through her balloon book trying to find all the balloons pictured in it.


'Cold inflation' at work.



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