All Things Water

We've done everything water in the past few weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, Kris visited us during his trip to Fundy National Park.  I also met him one day to do a hike to Bennett Brook Falls and a nice hike (wade) up the Wolfe River to find another set of falls.  At a few points along the way, the 'walkable' part of the river disappeared and we were forced to swim, wade, climb our way around the river.  Willow of course followed us the whole way, but couldn't swim up or down the fast and narrow spots.  So, naturally, Kris carried her — or she took a long swim around. 




We also had a nice weekend at Sheena's family cottage for a cousin weekend.  A few of Sheena's cousins and their children all met at the family cottage for a beach weekend.  It was really fun to see all the kids playing together and really enjoying the beach despite any weather.  There was a lots of beach time in a two day period.




After some time in the sun, the girls would crawl back into the tent for a snack before heading out again.


Karen also made a trip up to Belleisle in the same week.  While she did, Sheena and her made a famous trip to Redden falls during a power outage (ask Sheena why it was famous).  The next day, they also went to a couple of falls around the area with the girls in tow. They played at Shaw Falls…



Here's Sheena giving the girls a nice view from the top…


Rebecca and Abby enjoyed the warm water at Smith falls.



Rebecca and Abby call it the jucuzzi Falls…because its so warm (fed by a lake and has little tub like pools to play in). 

One thought on “All Things Water

  1. That area has alot in common with Egypt Falls in Cape Breton. Looks like alot of fun. Brave people taking their view from the top sounds familar too. Ha!!!


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