Outdoors in June!

We've been busy catching up on our outdoor activities in the past few weeks.  Sheena and I took off on a morning hike one weekday while the kids were at daycare.  We visited a little known area in Long Point, where falls can be found along a gully rich with cedar trees.


Willow and Sheena check out the lower falls.  This is one of the last few pictures we took with our camera after we dropped it off one of the rock ledges into the water. 

A week earlier, we took off to do some visiting and also take the kids to the Hopewell Rocks for some time in the red mud.  After a high tide visit on the first day, we made a trip back on our second day in Moncton to take the kids along low tide.



Rebecca and Abby wanted to walk on the seaweed, check out the little caves, collect snails and play on the 'beaches' during our morning visit.


Abby was very pleased that we stopped walking for a picture.

Last weekend, we met up with Kris and another friend in Parrsboro for a rainy day hike.  What did we do? Get wet in Jeffers Brook.  There were 5 big falls and quite a few small ones along our 5 hour trip up and down river.  The June temperatures of water in Nova Scotia aren't quite ready for bathing, but they did work well for jumping off waterfalls.




Sheena was pretty masterful with this last picture, especially on a point and shoot camera!

One thought on “Outdoors in June!

  1. I love those pictures. Rebecca is so naturally photogenic and Abigail well she looks so cute too of course,the look on her face tells the whole story ‘why are we stopping I have things to do?’


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